Truitt Family Foods

In 1973 I moved to Oregon from rural Louisiana along with my wife, Lynda (a native of Baton Rouge) and my 9-month-old daughter. I was 26 at the time and very excited to be moving to a wonderful part of the country. I was going into business with my brother in the food processing industry, picking up the pieces of an old canning plant in Salem.

During the early part of the new century we began to evaluate our practices. At first our focus was on the agricultural and plant practices – things like chemical usage, recycling and the like. Our intent was and is to be certain that these practices add up to sustainability. But soon we realized that our sustainable practices needed an emphasis on health and wellness, in other words human sustainability. That is why our motto is, Foods That Make a Difference®. Our intent is for all foods that we make to make a difference for our employees, our growers and ultimately our consumers; what we call human sustainability.