Newton Brokerage About Us

About Us

Newton Brokerage Services Company

Founded in 1986 by Margy Newton, Newton Brokerage has steadily built a leading presence in the foodservice industry by bringing together a multitude of top national food vendors. Combining strategic expertise, innovative technology, integrated solutions, and extensive reach, we provide top-notch nutritional foods to your food service k-12 lunch and breakfast program.

What’s Important To Us

Newton Brokerage goal is to be the premier nutritional foodservice sales by delivering superior results for our clients and customers through strategic insight, essential expertise and unparalleled coverage.

Five Values We Live By

As Newton Brokerage has grown, one thing has never changed: the values that influence, inform and inspire everything we do. These five values drive our behavior – as individuals and as a company.

1. Teamwork

Not only do we value working with you our customers but we also want to have the right people working for you. Newton Brokerage strives to employ hard working, honest individuals that put 100% into making sure our customers are no. 1.

2. Integrity

In looking for a foodservice company with integrity to bring you the best products. Newton Brokerage also brings intelligence, and energy to fulfilling all your product needs.

3. Professionalism

Newton Brokerage takes full initiative to complete and follow through on orders. No time is lost from the minute we take your order. If something comes up, we will be the first to let you know.

4. Excellence

Striving for excellence customer service is top priority, we continue to work hard with promptness to get you the best quality products delivered to your door steps.

5. Results

Bottom line, we have to get results for your company in order to fulfill our commitment to being the best foodservice company handling all your product needs.